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Random Tidbits

We’re staying in a nice apartment in a nice little city. I’m not much of a city girl, but I don’t mind walking across the street to have dinner. Of course, it would be better if there was a Cracker Barrel across the street, but we are surviving on pizza. You can get most anything on pizza here. Some of them have tomato sauce, some don’t. They make it with salami, chicken, corn, broccoli, squid, shrimp and other stuff I can’t translate. The best thing I did in preparation for this trip was to learn the Russian alphabet. It’s amazing how many things I can understand after I sound out the words (just like my first graders!)
We have a driver who takes us to the orphanage and back twice a day. His name is Serge (not to be confused with Serge the Great in the capital city who helps with all our adoption stuff!) He’s probably twenty-something. I’m not good at guessing ages. He doesn’t really speak any English, so our conversations consist of Hello and Dasvahdanya (Good bye). All that matters is that he is ALWAYS early to pick us up and he seems to be a good driver. Some of the ones here are scary since there don’t seem to be any particular traffic laws that are enforced, but Serge does a great job. Some things I have noticed: drivers are very good at giving pedestrians the right of way; there may be two lanes, but if there is room for three cars, go right ahead; maybe it’s a Spring thing, but crews are intent daily on digging up every blade of grass in the medians (with a small tiller, hoes and rakes) and replanting or something. There are also some guys down the road who are laying a new sidewalk. It’s somewhat distressing to think I will probably be here long enough to see them complete it!
I know there are other random things I am forgetting, but if so, I will add them later.

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