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Our Day in Court

We had court on Thursday, April 11, 2013. It was scheduled for 11am, but time is very flexible in this country. Our driver arrived much earlier than necessary, so I assumed our facilitator hadn’t told him we were going to court, not the orphanage. I called her and she said she would call him and let him know what to do. She told us to be ready and go at 10:15. (I had been ready since 8:30!) So, at 10:15 we went downstairs to the car. She said the drive would take about 20 minutes. Our driver went the opposite direction of the orphanage. We got in some traffic. He detoured through a shack-type subdivision and in the estimated 20 minutes, we pulled up in from of the City Council building. This is the same building that we pass every day on the way to the orphanage and it is 6 minutes from our apartment! I’m not sure what that wild goose chase was about! Then, we wait in the car for, as he says “5 minutes.” The five minutes turn into 20 and finally the local social worker comes out, joins us in the car and we are on our way again! At 10:52 we pulled in to the parking lot at the court building. Our facilitator was waiting inside. We went into the court room and all the other official participants eventually made their way to the court room as well. The judge began the proceedings around 11:15.
They started with all the preliminaries. Each person introduced themselves and told about their official position. Our facilitator translated the basics of this for me. Then, the judge read the report about us that the facilitator had written. She translated this as well. After all that the judge asked the facilitator and I to stand up and she asked some questions which I answered and the facilitator translated. The first question was more like ten questions, one after the other. It was all basic stuff about our life, our family and why we chose this country. I answered as much as I could remember and when I finished, she didn’t ask for any clarification so she must have been satisfied. Then, she asked things like where I work, what my husband does for a living (she didn’t even ask why he wasn’t there), where do my other kids go to school, what do we like to do for vacation and to tell her what I know about NK’s condition. It was easy stuff. Then, she asked each member in the court room if they had any questions. The only one who asked a question was the prosecutor. He asked, “Is it correct that your other two children share a room?” Umm…NO. They each have their own room. I don’t know where he got that idea? Then, the judge asked each member to give their opinion. Everyone said they felt the adoption was in the best interest of the child. The judge said she would take a break and be back with her decision. That’s pretty much a formality and we felt really good about everything!
So, everyone left the court room except for Michael, the facilitator and I. We sat and waited and waited and waited. I’m pretty sure they all went to lunch!  Finally, at 1:55 (after waiting TWO HOURS) the secretary came and got our facilitator. She gave her the paperwork for the judge’s decision and told us we could leave. As we started out the door, the secretary motioned for us to sit back down. The judge came in, told us to take care of NK and meet her medical needs and give her a good life. That was it.
Yay, finally this little girl is legally mine and we just have to wait it out for ten days until we get the official decree!!! Then, off for more paperwork!!

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