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February 2013

There’s still not a lot to blog about. I’ve posted current updates on facebook, so if you want to get those, just let me know. However, when I actually travel, the blog will stay busy (internet permitting!) If you read my blog when we went to get Laura, you know I like to record all the details of our adventures…travel, lodging, food, etc. So be ready!
At this point, all of our documents were officially submitted Thursday, February 14th (Happy Valentine’s Day to me!!!) and we’re waiting once again. Currently, travel dates are running around 6 weeks from the date of submission. So, we’re looking at the end of March. Hopefully, we’ll hear something specific in a couple weeks.
As for me, I’m working on a photo book of our family and typical activities to share with Our Little Girl and anyone else who wants to look at it. I’m trying to learn a little Russian (Yah ne penny my you! Which is not the Russian spelling but means I don’t understand! I think it will be a very useful phrase!) I’m also packing (of course, I’ve been packing for three months!) I have a growing list of things to take, so I’m trying to pack a few things along the way. When it’s time to go, I can just throw in a few clothes and take off!
I talked to a friend last night. It was someone I don’t talk to often and more of an acquaintance really. However, we have several common interests and had a good conversation. She was asking about Our Little Girl and what moved me the most was that she told me that she had been praying for her to stay safe and be well and healthy until we get there. It just made me feel good to know that someone else was praying specific things for our daughter. I keep looking at her picture on my bathroom mirror and thinking that she just doesn’t know how her life is going to change. I know it will be scary for her at first, but ultimately it will be so much better. She’s too young to realize what her future would be if she didn’t join our family. I don’t even want to think about it. So, please pray for her. Pray for smoothness in our process….for a quick court date….for a good judge….and for kind caretakers who welcome us at the orphanage. Above all, pray for her health and her transition as she leaves the only home she’s ever known to embark on the scariest journey of her little life. Pray for our transport home through multiple flights and airports because she’s very fragile. Your prayers are greatly appreciated and they truly make a difference.
I’ll let everyone know when we get an official travel date. Until then, we’re still waiting.
Just FYI…the links that are added on the right side of my blog are from some of my friends I’ve met along the way (including the family who met Our Little Girl) and families who are currently getting ready to travel or will be traveling when we do. Keeping up with their journeys will help me prepare for mine!

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