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Enjoying the Journey

I will admit that since we have the private facebook page, I have neglected the blog. I will try to catch up and summarize our journey so far.
As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to travel. However, as I was growing up I must admit I was probably thinking more like New York or the Grand Canyon or maybe Australia (until my first long plane ride to Israel and then I definitely ruled out Australia!) I never would have imagined I would have so many stamps in my passport and that they would actually represent members of my family.
This trip has been absolutely perfect so far (other than the fact that I am miles and miles away from all my family (except Michael!) and friends!) We arrived in the capital of this country and were greeted by lots and lots of snow. After a couple days of paperwork, we took a 12 hour, overnight train to the region where our Little Girl is living. We bought a “first class” compartment and squeezed into the tiny little space with ourselves and our luggage. It was a rocking, starting and stopping trip involving lots of dozing and lots of waking up. I’m not sure if it was the effect of the train or just the fact of knowing I was going to meet Our Little Girl face to face the next day!!
At the train station, we struggled off with our luggage but a stranger volunteered his help to make it easier. Yay! Then, we dragged our belongings and trudged through only an inch or so of snow to the train station. As we stood there, looking quite out of place and lost, I’m sure, our facilitator and driver found us. We followed them, loaded everything into the tiny car (some stuff in the trunk, other stuff piled on top of us!) and headed off to the “city council” building to meet with the regional social worker. (I brushed my hair and freshened up on the train because I imagined we would hit the ground running!) We met the social worker and then she headed to the orphanage with us.
When we got there, it seemed like forever until we got to the good part! We had to wait for the director and meet with him. Then, we had to wait for the doctor and meet with her. She read Our Little Girl’s file and our facilitator translated for me while I took notes. As I was writing and listening, I was shocked to hear that she was already receiving treatments here for her bone condition! Wow! I never dreamed that would be possible! Only God could pull that together. This country puts very little value on orphans, especially those with special needs, so for Our Little Girl to be getting this kind of treatment shows that God has some big plans for her!
Finally, the time came to meet her! They walked us up to her groupa room. As we walked inside, I immediately spotted her in her crib!! I will never forget the smile on her face! I’m convinced she knew why I was there and she was thrilled! They took us into the sleeping area and showed me how her arm was bowed and how her legs were bent, all due to the OI. None of that mattered to me. I just knew I was looking at Our Little Girl and there was no way I was leaving this country without her! They talked to her a little while and got her to tell me her name and the city where she lives. They asked a few other things I didn’t understand, but she was very verbal and bright! When they put her back in her crib, I played with her a few minutes. Then, the facilitator told me they were waiting for my answer. Did I need more time to decide? I didn’t realize that’s what they were waiting for! I could have told them my answer months ago! Yes! I want her! This is Our Little Girl!!
Afterwards, we went back to the director’s office. He told us we could visit everyday from 10-11:30 and 4-5. We could bring a snack in the morning. They are closed on weekends, but we can come and knock on the door and they will let us in. He told us that we should take good care of her and continue her medical treatments in the US. Then, that was it! I haven’t seen him since. 🙂
When we left, our facilitator took us to a place called AMCTOP (which is Russian that reads “AMSTORE” where we could eat, exchange money and buy groceries. We took care of what we needed. Then, she took us to our apartment and got us settled in. The day was only half way through, but it was exhausting! Thankfully, we were finished and could relax until time to go again!

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