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January 2013

Wow! I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything here since the end of November. There’s been a lot going on with life in general and the adoption process continues to move at a steady pace (though it’s never fast enough for me! )
My last post was during the first week of our tremendously successful facebook auction! My friends, Ashley and Rita, came up with the idea to do this in order to raise the $890 I would need for our immigration application. Monetary donations and auction items poured in like crazy. It was a madhouse just trying to keep up with everything. Plus, I had other friends who offered to do a cutlery sale and a scarf sale at the same time to benefit our adoption. When everything was said and done, not only did we raise the $890 for immigration fees, we raised a total of more than $4000 to fully fund the entirety of the process!! Praise God! He is SO good! A few more donations have come in since then, so they are all in the bank, earmarked for future medical expenses.
As far as the adoption paperwork, it continues to proceed, one item at a time. Most of my dossier went to our little girl’s country before Thanksgiving with a traveling family. Our home study was complete last week and it is leaving tomorrow with a family in Indiana who is going to get their little boy. Please say a prayer for them as they travel and continue their process.
On Wednesday the Department of Homeland Security has requested our presence in Birmingham to have our fingerprints taken for their approval. Their approval should be issued only a couple of days after the appointment. That only leaves our state police clearances (which should arrive any time now) and our tax return for 2012 (which is in process, thanks to Shannon the Super Accountant!!)
The document checklist is very short now and should be completed around the first of February. After that, it’s another waiting game. Waiting for our dossier to be submitted to the Department of Adoptions in her country and then waiting for travel dates to be issued. Continue to pray for us as we continue to wait and follow where He leads us.