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Financial Accountability

If you’ve had a chance to check out our facebook auction (Frye Family Five Auction), then you see that it’s already been a huge success in just three days!! I wonder how God is going to use it over the next two and a half weeks!?!
As people have donated items, pledged money and offered their support, I wanted to take a few minutes and reaffirm that I will always be totally transparent in the financial aspect of the adoption of our little girl. Feel free to ask me anything or even request an itemized list of estimated expenses. There are no secrets. This is expensive, but she has a generous grant and I have amazing friends. To quote the wisdom of the one and only, Josh Boyd, “God’s got this.” That’s what he would tell me when I would stress over things in our previous adoption and it has been a comforting reminder many times.
Here’s where we stand, financially, at this point. The adoption is estimated to be around $22,500. It would be more, but we already have passports and a home study that just had to be updated instead of starting from scratch. After I had fallen in love with Our Little Girl and was deciding how I would ever come up with that much money, God gave her a grant of $18,137. We have a FSP account set up on and at this point, there are $50 of donations in that account. A rough estimate last night showed that the auction has made around $1250 (and more has come in today). That gives us a rough total of $19,437. We will only need $3063 to be fully funded. $2400 of that includes 3 plane tickets (estimating $800 each). Then, we will need $600 for Our Little Girl’s expedited passport. That leaves $63 which has probably already come in through the auction today to cover her visa application! That may be more info than some of you want to know, but I want you to know without a doubt where every penny of your donation is going.
Her $18,137 grant covers the facilitator fees, court costs, lodging and food during the stay of 4-5 weeks in her country, driver’s fees, and an emergency fund in case plane tickets are more or if we have to stay longer. If we come home with anything left over at all, it will be used for her upcoming medical expenses, a pediatric wheelchair, etc. So, every dollar that is donated will be earmarked for Our Little Girl! Thanks so much for your prayers and support! It is truly overwhelming!!!

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A Quick Note

I don’t have anything new on the adoption. I’m still waiting for the home study draft so I can send it to my facilitator for approval. When it is finalized, I will send it to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (along with $890) for their approval. That’s where this note comes in. I have a couple of amazing friends who have volunteered to head up a few fundraising projects to cover the rest of the costs of our little girl’s adoption!!!!! As you know, she has an awesome grant already, but we still need to cover the immigration fee, my plane tickets (two one-way trips because when I leave, I won’t know the return date), her plane ticket to America and her routine medical exam for her visa and passport.
The first event they have planned is a facebook auction. Generous folks are donating all kinds of great stuff to be auctioned off and raise money for the immigration fees. If you have anything you’d like to donate, just let me know. Then, get ready to start bidding on Monday, November 26th!! Items will be posted throughout the day. Just go to facebook and look for Frye Family Five Auction. Like the page and you’ll be ready to go! Click on the photo album, click on the picture of the item and place your bid! The auction will close at 8:00 pm CST on Saturday, December 15th (just in time to get everything shipped for Christmas!) Please share the page with your friends. We truly appreciate your support!!

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The Process

Most people want to know the details of our process. How long does it take? When can we bring her home? Well, at the end of September, we had a meeting with our social worker to do our one year, post-placement report for Laura. At that time, we told her we also wanted to update our home study and attempt to adopt our Little Girl. Fortunately, an update is much cheaper that the full fledged, start from scratch, home study, so that saved us some money right off! However, the paperwork doesn’t seem to be much less! Being the organized person I am, I filled it all out immediately, raced to the vet to update our pet vaccinations and called the doctor to schedule physicals! All of this is done and we’re just waiting on our social worker to complete the draft and for the police to clear us of any criminal history.
Meanwhile, we officially signed up with a group of facilitators, sent our deposit to the people working in her country and got our account set up to accept donations for our adoption. As I shared in the first post, she has over $18,000 in her grant fund that has been set aside for her adoption. When our account was set up, the fund reset to $0 (It now has $5, thanks to an anonymous friend!) and we will need around $6,000 more to be fully funded. Anything over that amount will be used towards future expenses such as doctor visits, purchasing a wheelchair, special chairs, car seat, etc. All donations are tax deductible!
After signing up with the facilitators, I received a packet of documents for our dossier and multiple checklists. I wasted no time filling everything out, signing it, having it notarized and being proofed by the team. On Tuesday morning, my brother Tim and I ventured to our State Capitol of Montgomery and got everything apostilled (a fancy word to say they’re putting a seal on it to certify that everything is official and they perform this nice service for $5.00 per page times 37 pages!) Then, I mailed it to a family who will travel on November 5th and they will hand deliver it to her country so translation can begin. As soon as the home study is finished, we will send it to join these documents (after another Montgomery trip) and file our application with the US department of citizenship and immigration. All along, we wait. When each piece of paper is complete and sent overseas, we will wait for the whole thing to be submitted. After it is submitted, we wait for travel dates which are usually 6-8 weeks later. I’m guessing that the earliest travel date would be February or it could be later in March. Again, I’m just guessing because anything can change. The time spent in country for the entire adoption process is usually around a month. That could be an entire blog post by itself, but I’m going to wait until it actually happens before writing about it. Until then, we pray and wait.